What Our Clients Say About Life·Support Systems

It took 8 years to wreck it and only 1 to fix it. Yes, we've finally completed the conversion of our filing system from early drek to hi-tech...Our new system is working beautifully and efficiently, just what we wanted.

—CEO small-business accounting firm.

...I thought, no one can dig us out of this, and if they can, I will never find anything again. Not so. Audrey knows people, asks the right questions, and is marvelously efficient .... I enthusiastically recommend her ....

—VP national public relations firm.

Both events were extremely successful, and their success was directly attributable to your efforts.... I have heard from the Secretary of Commerce that he thinks the event was one of the most enjoyable he has ever attended.

—Senior partner, major Houston law firm.

Audrey Lavine ... has patience, stamina, and fortitude. She came and assessed the situation and then set us to work....A few weeks later my home was livable, my office spotless. And the chaos was bagged and hauled away.... It works!

—Mental health consultant.

Ms. Lavine is intelligent, organized, dependable and self-starting. Her common sense has proven invaluable in allowing her to follow through and complete projects, although I have been too busy to fully explain my needs. This has allowed me to turn complicated projects over to her and feel confident that they will be properly taken care of. In addition to being an efficient, resourceful worker, Ms. Lavine is extremely pleasant to work with.

—Partner, New York Office of a major law firm.

... Thank you for presenting an excellent workshop on the subject of organizing. To quote one of the participants "this was a fun workshop." Not only was it fun, it was informative and useful.

—Administrator, social welfare agency.

One of Ms. Lavine's most valuable qualities is that she listens carefully to what the customer wants. This fact alone went a long way toward ensuring that we would be satisfied with the end result.... Her high standards of professionalism allowed us to relax completely, as we were confident that any of the persons or organizations [she contracted] would satisfy our needs and desires. Ms. Lavine also has a streak of the diplomat in her.... On many occasions, she was able to "smooth over" disagreements and prevent tempers from flaring. We recommend Audrey Lavine without reservation.

—Child advocacy lawyer.

[I hope you can] organize every room in my house. That will give you a headache. You're great, patient, you have humor. It was fun. Not like root canal at all. Thanks!

—Small business owner (home office).